How much does Diflucan Cost in the Pharmacy?

Composition and Action of Diflucan

The main active substance of Diflucan is Fluconazole. This agent causes the death of many fungal microorganisms through the following mechanisms:

Diflucan - description and price

The drug reduces the intensity of all metabolic processes in the cells of Candida and some other pathogens.

Affects the cell wall of fungi, disrupting the formation of sterols (compounds like cholesterol in humans). As a result, microorganisms lose their protection, their permeability for all kinds of substances increases. This causes their death.

Features of absorption and metabolism of the drug in the body of a woman determines its wide application. The main advantages are the following:

Any form of the drug within two to three hours falls into the bloodstream and then distributed in tissues. Therefore, Diflucan quickly removes the symptoms of the disease.

Absorption of the drug occurs regardless of the basic digestive processes, so it can be taken, regardless of the methods of eating.
Diflucan is excreted slowly from the body. That is why the scheme of treatment sometimes implies only a single dose of the drug.

Diflucan is evenly distributed throughout the tissues of the body. Due to this property it can be used for both local treatment and for systemic mycoses. From this position, it is well suited for the treatment of recurrent thrush, since it is necessary to eliminate the increased amount of candida fungi in other organs, especially in the intestine.
It is excreted by the kidneys, practically without loading the liver, as it is not metabolized in it.

The Cost of Diflucan at the online Pharmacies

Diflucan is available in the form of capsules for oral administration, and also as a solution for intravenous administration. The latter form is used more often in hospitals. The price of Diflucan depends on the dose, the number of capsules in the package, and also on the pharmacy category.

The approximate cost is as follows:

1. Capsules 50 mg – from $38 to $270 for 30 to 360 pieces;

2. If the dosage is 150 mg – then the price is about $66 – $360 for 30 – 270 tablets.

Terms of Purchase and Storage of Diflucan. How to Buy it online?

Store the drug at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Capsules are on the list of OTC medicines, while the infusion solution can be purchased strictly according to the prescription of a specialist.

How to buy Diflucan online? It is very simple!


You will need to choose the dosage of the drug, specify the method of delivery and the method of payment on the website of the online pharmacy. In a few days Diflucan will be in your hands. And this is absolutely anonymous!

The cost of the drug in online pharmacies depends on the form of release. You can buy Diflucan online at the following estimated prices:

1. Diflucan 50 mg: 30 tablets – $40, 90 tablets – $80, 360 tablets – $270;

2. Diflucan 150 mg: 30 tablets – $70, 90 tablets – $140, 270 tablets – $360;

3. Diflucan 200 mg: 30 tablets – $100, 90 tablets – $200, 270 tablets – $500;

It should be remembered that although the drug can be easily purchased at the pharmacy, self-medication is unacceptable to them, since only a doctor can evaluate the appropriateness of his appointment.