Many inhabitants are sure that yeast fungi are characterized by maximum harmlessness. Once a person realizes that the cause of discomfort was not a sexual infection, he completely calms down. Without proper treatment yeast fungi actively multiply, reclaiming all new territories.

To assess all possible risks, you need to understand what a yeast fungus (candidiasis) is.

Candidiasis – What is it?

Candidiasis, or thrush – a disease in which the genitals, skin, mouth and other parts of the body affects the yeast fungus of the genus Candida.

Candidiasis In Child

The first infection usually occurs during childbirth, when the baby passes through the birth canal. In this case, thrush is manifested by white rashes in the oral cavity, a lesion of the gums.

If the baby’s immunity survived during childbirth, it is trapped by the danger of infection with yeast fungi during feeding. As you grow up, the risk of a close acquaintance with thrush increases.

Normally, the body of a woman and a man contains a small amount of yeast mushrooms that are not dangerous. They are part of the normal microflora, but with the influence of unfavorable factors begin to multiply actively. This process is facilitated by a local or general decrease in immunity, as well as taking certain medications.

How does Candidiasis manifest?

Fungal infections manifest themselves in different ways. It all depends on the sex of the patient, the general condition of the body and the presence of concomitant pathologies. Because of the rapid course of the disease in women, men are sure that thrush circumvents them by side.

To dispel these prejudices, it is sufficient to consider the features of the manifestation of a yeast fungus in representatives of both sexes.

Candidiasis in Women

Every woman can get sick with candidiasis, regardless of her sexual activity and cleanliness. Most often yeast infection affects the genitals, and in the absence of treatment thrush passes to the skin.

It is especially dangerous in pregnancy, as it can cause premature birth or miscarriage. In the process of giving birth, spores of the yeast fungus penetrate into the mouth of the child, and then affect the skin, genitals and internal organs.

Candidiasis in Men

Men learn all the insidiousness of yeast, because they have a thrush that is asymptomatic. They can infect their sexual partners for years without even knowing it. All the charm of yeast manifests itself with a decrease in immunity or in the presence of provoking factors.

Candidiasis can manifest itself not only on the genitals, but also on the skin. The skin folds, perineum, armpits and lower abdomen are most often affected by thrush.

Symptoms of thrush:

1. What do women face?

  • White cheesy discharge with an unpleasant odor;
  • Itching, swelling and tenderness of the genitals;
  • White coating on the tongue and near the gums when the oral cavity is damaged;
  • Painful urination.

2. What bothers men?

  • Itching, swelling and redness of the glans penis;
  • Discharge in the area of the foreskin;
  • Difficulties with retraction and extension of the head;
  • Painful urination.

If you experience any discomfort in the genital area, you should definitely visit a specialist. Only he knows how to guarantee cure candidiasis, and not drive him into a state of slumber. Self-medication has to deal with chronic thrush, which greatly reduces the quality of life.

Provoking factors of a Yeast fungus

In a normal state yeast fungi do not cause inconvenience. It is only necessary to break the work of some internal systems, as soon as they feel freedom.

Causes of Candidiasis:

  • Decreased immunity.
  • Hormonal fluctuations.
  • Wearing clothes from synthetic materials.
  • Pathology of the endocrine system.
  • Admission of steroids, antidepressants or antibacterial drugs.
  • Violation of personal hygiene.
  • Addiction to detergents with dyes.

Problems arise in obese people who sweat heavily. They create an ideal environment for the development of yeast infection. Mushrooms adore food rich in fast carbohydrates.

If a person abuses refined foods, white flour products and sweets, he creates an ideal nutrient medium for the emergence of a yeast fungus.

Features of diagnosis of Yeast Infection

In gynecology, the diagnosis is very simple. In the smear, an increased content of yeast fungi is found, and when visually examined, curdled discharge is visible. The doctor prescribes PCR, which is an analysis to identify the causative agents of infectious diseases.

The results of laboratory tests are required from several days to a week.

In men, the diagnosis of thrush is reduced to a visual examination, the delivery of urine and blood tests. If a doctor has doubts, a small piece of affected tissue is sent to a laboratory study. After this treatment of thrush under the supervision of a specialist begins.

If the methods of influence used do not yield results, then a search is made for a source of repeated infection with yeast fungi. Most often this source is a permanent sexual partner who also needs treatment.

Medication Therapy

Medicaments therapy of yeast fungi includes two types of effects: local and internal. As a local remedy, candles from thrush are used, which are administered at night after hygiene procedures are observed.

Other preparations are also used to treat the vagina:

  • Miconazole.
  • Ketoconazole.
  • Candid.
  • Ginezol.
  • Clotrimazole.

Miconazole, Ketoconazole and Clotrimazole are used in the treatment of thrush in men. These drugs are applied to the affected areas, and in case of their inefficiency Fluconazole is used.

Under his influence, the yeast infection recedes, but side effects may develop. Patients complain of nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Because of this, self-medication is unacceptable, as the likelihood of complications increases.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, gynecology offers the use of the following systemic drugs that help with yeast fungus:

  • Diflucan (Fluconazole).
  • Lamisil.
  • Nystatin.
  • Rumikoz.

Diflucan (Fluconazole) - maximum effectiveness for candida

If a person has found yeast, treatment is a long one. It is necessary to take prescribed drugs for two weeks. For preventive reasons, the doctor often recommends taking Fluconazole for half a year for one tablet on the first day of the cycle.

All medicines should be selected by the attending physician on the basis of the results of the survey.

How to treat candidiasis in pregnant women, only a gynecologist decides. It determines the possible risk to the fetus, selects safe drugs for local effects. In the last months of pregnancy, systemic medicines are prescribed that fight yeast fungi and strengthen the defenses of the body.

As an additional measure of influence, people’s prescriptions are used, which in no case should replace the medicamental effects. With mild degree of thrush they are able to resist the pressure of yeast infection, but in more severe cases, folk medicine is powerless.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of Yeast Infection

Good results with the fungus on the skin gives the washing of affected areas with diluted lemon juice.

In the same way are used decoctions of elecampane, chamomile and St. John’s wort.

Compresses from the tea for the fungus can reduce the negative manifestations of skin candidiasis, but they can not completely heal.

With thrush of genital organs, it is necessary to take fir oil and cocoa butter in the proportions 1 to 10, bring to a boil, and then cool.

In the obtained composition, wet the cotton wool, enter it into the vagina and leave it overnight. In the morning, the affected areas are treated and the residual oil is removed.

At home, do syringings, prepare decoctions of herbs and baths.

Only completely replace these methods of exposure, drug therapy is not possible to avoid the transition of thrush to the chronic form. It is also necessary to remember the preventive measures that are available to everyone.

Prevention of the Thrush

To prevent the active growth of yeast, you should strengthen your immune system. Walking in the fresh air, playing sports and taking multivitamin complexes favorably affects the general condition of the body.

You can not change your sexual partners, have sex without a condom and use someone else’s hygiene. It is also mandatory to pass a preventive examination, which helps in time to identify the beginning of thrush.